Welcome to The Parenting Junkie Community! 🎉

The focus of community is to motivate and support our members - so we do a lot of up-front work to establish clear guidelines and attract the right members in the first place.

We practice the same empathy and respect we strive to show our children. We expect all members to practice kindness and give each other the benefit-of-the-doubt. 

We expect members to refrain from participating in drama or arguments. Polarizing subjects (i.e. politics or health choices/vaccines) and proselytizing are not suitable for this global group.

Being part of this group requires mutual trust. We invite authentic, expressive discussions which are sensitive and must be kept private. Anyone who shares screenshots, blocks or attacks other members will be removed from the group immediately.

The Community is not the place to ask billing questions, seek technical assistance, or request membership cancelation. You can contact support with these requests via our helpdesks.

Members are asked to refrain from sharing links to videos, articles, blogs, courses, books etc, except in the context of how it relates to their Present Play journey and learning - and even then, it is preferred to share in a comment.

Tips for Posting:

  • Start with the main, core issue 

  • Be clear on what you want: “I’m looking for ideas / feedback / solutions / empathy”

  • Phrase things in “I” statements 

  • Keep it personal (not news reports or blanket statements)

  • Use your own images (not stock photos, someone else’s image or photos of other kids - only your personal photos)

  • Don’t talk about others behind their backs

  • Don’t market services for yourself or others, but share your takeaways

Tips for Comments:

  • Don’t make assumptions 

  • Don’t judge or use blanket statements

  • Never diagnose - understand there are many variables and unknowns

  • Respond empathically - stay encouraging, motivating and uplifting

  • Speak about your own related experience, but clarify that it may not apply to them

  • Share links only when relevant or asked for

  • Self-moderate to keep the atmosphere pleasant and uplifting

**Please note: TPJ has permission to share quotable words, success stories (i.e. before & after photos), and comments or posts of "testimonial nature" in emails, and other content. Family names and photos with faces will be removed. Please let us know if you decline.